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How I Got My First Premium Clients [Transparency Report #2]

Remember how I promised to be more transparent on this blog? This led me to write my first Transparency Report, where I talked about my beginnings as a freelancer. I wrote about my early starts, the “official” beginning of my online freelance career in 2004, and my first two years of being an online freelancer.

For this transparency report, we’re digging deep into 2006 to 2009 - the 3 years when I started “leveling-up” and targeting high profile, premium clients. How did I transition from being paid $10 per article for content jobs, to writing $100 per article for high profile blogs?

NOTE: This is a looong one because this was the most eventful part of my career.

Here’s the story:

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How I Got My First Online Clients [Transparency Report #1]

Last June, I asked you guys what you want me to reveal about my own freelancing practice - all for the sake of transparency. I got a lot of insight via the comments to the post, a surprising amount of emails, and some Facebook messages in response.

After going over your messages and comments, as well as thinking this thoroughly, I thought that the best way to start kicking off my monthly transparency reports is to start with the past.

Kung mag-simula kasi ako sa pagkekwento ko tungkol sa career ko ngayon, walang context. It wouldn’t be meaningful or helpful to tell you about my clients, my rates, or my daily schedule right now without first exploring my roots. This is because what I do now is so radically different from what I was doing when I was starting out.

So what I’ll be showing you this month is The Transparency Report: Backtrack Edition. I’ll dig deep into the early beginnings of my freelance career, as well as deconstruct them into useful tactics. This is so that those beginning freelancers here can pick up a thing or two from my stories.

Early Attempts at Freelancing [or “Mga Raket”]

Before I started my freelance writing career in late 2003 I had some earlier starts:

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